Civilization and humanity

As history will tell us, a civilization does not crumble unless it dies from within. The native Americans lived happily amongst themselves in their own communities. They had their own way of life (culture), language, dance e.t.c. But compared to the west, they were still primitive. Then, the white settlers came into the picture, bringing with them “civilization”. They felt their way was the only way. And not long after they came to the foreign land, did they take away the land from its real owners and drove away the natives. The same thing happened when the British colonial masters came to Africa with a disguised mission (imperialism and colonization). When they came to Africa, the africans already had their own way of life but for the fact that the africans seemed to be of a lower civilization, did not have buildings, electricity, medical doctors, schools, tarred roads and all other things, the colonial masters unconsciously triggered their inner desires which was to discriminate against them and take over their property. By the way, hat did they have to lose, Africans were merely savages who did not have an idea of what was right or wrong. Or so they thought.
This idea can explain the existence of bullies in schools and other social gatherings. A bully is a person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people. Imagine a relationship with only two people, Bill and Murphy. Bill is a 15 year old while Murphy is a 9 year old kid. Bill is 5 ft tall and weighs 250 pounds while Murphy is 4 ft tall and weighs 150 pounds. In this case, Bill is more likely to become a bully because he has all the advantages Murphy doesn’t. Imagine if Bill bullies murphy for sometime and murphy miraculously grows taller, bigger and stronger, the time will come when Bill will begin to see that his advantage over murphy is gradually diminishing. By this time, Bill will start getting friendly with Murphy because he has seen they have gotten to the same level. If the tables turn and Murphy now has the advantage, it will take the grace of God for Murphy not to take advantage of the now weak Bill. This is not because Murphy is out on a rampage and vengeance mission (could be) but because he is only following basic human instinct: Might is Right

Ever seen a stray dog or any random animal without an owner loitering about? wat comes to the typical mind is to chase it away, throw things at it or call it names. But look at it this way, what happens if the dog or cow is an animal that somehow finds itself above you in a biological order (that is to say, cows are above humans). Imagine if the movie, Planet of the Apes was real, and animals began to have their own civilization, learning, culture etc. The first thing that will happen is that you will try to make friends with it. The idea of chasing it away or discriminating against it leaves your mind almost immediately. You begin to see yourselves as equal. But the truth still remains, animals are below us and we will still keep on chasing them about.


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