19-year-old boy reveals how he lost his two girlfriends shortly after they gave birth.

A 19-year-old boy has left many people stunned and concerned after he recent post – According to the story, he lost two babymamas when he was 17 and 18-years of age – What has got people concerned is the fact that they both died immediately after childbirth Despite the huge curve ball life has been throwing at this American dad, he proves to be one of strong determination and hope for a better future. Now a father of two, the 19-year-old boy revealed how he lost a girlfriend at age 17 and another one at age 18, shortly after they had given birth for him. He stated that despite the tragedies, he vows to never Read more: https://www.naija.ng/1162235-19-year-boy-reveals-lost-girlfriends-shortly-gave-birth.html#1162235


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