J. Cole Reveals “K.O.D” Meaning In Album Trailer

J. Cole shares a trailer for his forthcoming album.

Within the span of a week, J. Cole confirmed why he’s one of the best to do it in the game right now. He slowly hinted at a new album release by clearing his Instagram and announcing a free show in NYC before he confirmed the release date for his album, K.O.D. He’s relied on people who attended the listening party to relay the message to the masses including the album title’s definition. With only a few hours to go until it drops, J. Cole breaks down the meaning behind K.O.D in his new album trailer.

K.O.D stands for three different things, “Kidz On Drugz,” “King Overdose” and “Kill Our Demons.” In the psychedelic album trailer finds J. Cole’s voice pitched down (maybe even as his alleged alter ego, KiLL Edward) as he explains the affects that mental health and drugs have had on the youth.

K.O.D. Kidz On Drugz. It’s not gon’ take long for their to be an advertisement that says, ‘are you feeling down? Are you depressed? Are you having lonely thoughts?’ and then they shove a pill in your face. The first response of any problems is medicate.” The voice says over the drug-induced visuals.

“King Overdose” stands for the times people look for an escape whether it be through their phone, alcohol or anything else. Finally, “Kill Our Demons” represents that the “end goal” to finally overcome the same aspects that haunt people throughout their lives.

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