J. Cole’s “K.O.D” First Impressions Are Looking Good

J. Cole’s “K.O.D.” has our community talking.

A great album is built to last. To get better over the course of multiple listens. This may be an age of instant gratification, but replay value remains important. Insofar as J. Cole‘s K.O.D.’s lasting appeal, the jury has yet to reach a verdict. After all, the album is mere hours removed from its release. Still, part of the process are the first impressions. The hyperbole, of both the positive and negative varieties. The instant standouts. The inevitable comparisons against his prior work. All in good fun.

As Cole’s latest album has arguably been the biggest drop of the year thus far, it makes sense that it will yield a variety of diverse opinions. Despite his understated status as one of hip-hop’s biggest superstars, Cole’s music has remained up-for-debate in certain circles. Yet with K.O.D, the first impressions seem to skew positive. Granted, we had to wade through some trolling, but overall, it appeared that our community was enjoying this project from start to finish.

That’s not to say that it was without criticism, but people most definitely vibed with Cole’s overall message. “K.O.D.” and “1985” garnered particular praise, with many applauding the latter for its grown man take on “mumble rap.” Regardless how you feel about the man or his music, you can’t deny, the game is a better place when J. Cole drops an album. Let’s see where K.O.D. takes us in the coming weeks. Maybe some of ya’ll will change your mind.


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