Ralo Had Nearly $1M Worth Of Weed On His Private Flight To Atlanta, Feds Say  

– Ralo Had Nearly $1M Worth Of Weed On His Private Flight To Atlanta, Investigators Say

report claims that the rapper had nearly a mill of marijuana on his private jet.

Ralo’s been one of the most promising trap artists out of Atlanta and in 2017, the rapper dropped several projects that reaffirmed that. However, the rapper’s been dealing with some hefty issues with the law since the beginning of 2018. Most recently, Ralo was arrested for “conspiracy to commit a felony.” Earlier today, news broke out that the rapper’s apartment in Atlanta was raided by Homeland Security and the FBI. While details were initially ambiguous, a new report has revealed what may have led to this charge.

Federal investigators are claiming that Ralo is a gang leader who’s connected to the seizure of 1000 lbs. of marijuana, WSB-TV Atlanta reports. Legal documents say that the rapper’s private flight on Dec. 22 faced a traffic stop near the Fulton County Airport by Georgia State Patrol which led them to discovering roughly 520 lbs of weed which they say is estimated at $1M, street value.

In addition, the affadavit also claims that on his April 15th flight, Ralo was on a flight with about 444 lbs. of marijuana on it which is estimated to be valued at $840K.

The affadavit also suggest that he’s the leader of a gang called Famerica, which is also the name of one of his mixtapes. The rapper and other people have been charged with two counts of conspiracy to distribute marijuana. However, the rapper has plead not guilty in the case.


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