I gave my daughter blessing when she married a Christian — Senator Binta’s father

Tumba Garba, the father of the senator representing Adamawa North District, Mrs. Binta Masi Garba, said he gave his daughter blessing on the day she chose to marry a Christian, despite being from an Islamic home.

The senator had in April narrated during her 50th birthday how her properties were set ablaze by her father after she became a Christian while she was in primary school.

“My father was infuriated and he burnt everything I had because of my decision to follow Christ. I suffered so much because of the name of Jesus. I would have been nothing if not for His grace,” she had stated.

However, Tumba, a 104-year-old retired military corporal, on Thursday, said his family was a tolerant one which never discriminated against any religion. He added that was why he allowed his children to practise any religion that they wanted.

The senator’s father stated this in Tudun Wada, Michika, when he met with the leadership of the Muslim Council from Adamawa North Senatorial zone.

Stating that they had nothing against his daughter, it was gathered that the meeting was to set the records straight.

With tears in his eyes, Tumba told the gathering that Binta never intended to insult Islam when she converted to Christianity.

He said, “My father was a Christian and I converted to Islam. So, when Binta wanted to marry a Christian, I gave her my blessing.”

He also said that the happiest day of his life was the day his daughter took him to meet with President Muhammadu Buhari, stating that he had tried in time past to meet with the President when he became a military ruler.

Following the meeting, Binta told journalists that she was glad that her father had come to assure the Muslim community that the earlier remark attributed to her wasn’t true.

She also called on her political opponents to judge her based on stewardship rather than religious sentiment.


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