“Mature men show off their rich closets and not their girlfriend”- Timaya

The Egberi Papa One of Bayelsa, Timaya had some sort of a fall out with a couple of his fans who were not quite okay with him saying he can’t show off his girlfriend like Davido because he’s not in his 20s but then shows off his rich closet.

As Davido had broken the internet with his N45m Porsche car gift to Chioma on her birthday, a fan who expected other celebrities to do same reached out to Timaya after the singer shared a picture of him holding a girl’s hand whose face was not revealed in the picture. The fan told him to be proud of his girlfriend like Davido and post her full picture.

But Timaya replied saying he is too mature to pull such stunts. According to him, he isn’t in his 20s like Davido and should not be expected to pull childish stunts like that. He won in the argument. However, the singer thought it wise to show off his walk-in closet, thereby putting his expensive clothes and shoes on display, and fans have been all over him.

Timaya has been asked what’s more mature in flaunting a closet than in flaunting a girlfriend. A certain fan asked: “This is what mature men do??? Show off their closets???” But Timaya calls their talks their opinion, as he ignored them.

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