Two rich yahoo boys fight after one gave the girlfriend of the other a lift

rich yahoo boys

A Twitter user has narrated how two very “rich” yahoo boys fought over what can be termed as “Betrayal”.

According to the twitter user, the 2 young men came to blows because one of them gave the girlfriend of the other a lift with his car and she sat in front “beside him”, while his own girlfriend sat at the back.

The twitter user at first said observers were clueless as to what caused the fight, but they later discovered that the “passengers sit” in front had been charmed and is only meant for “catching prey”, meaning any woman who sits there, will be used for their “yahoo plus” business.

Read the story as narrated by Twitter user, Tobi;

So a Guy,who happens to be a Rich Yahoo boy was driving bye, his own Girlfriend sat at the back,leaving the front seat empty so as they were going,The guy saw the GF of his Best Friend (who also is a Rich Yahoo boy), they were all supposed to meet at a place for clubbing and all

So the Guy parked to give his Friend’s GF a Lift,He asked her to sit beside his own GF at the back seat but this Girl refused,she said she prefered the seat beside the driver,The guy declined seriously warning her to goan sit at the back or forget about the lifting….

After few embarrassing moments under the sun, the Lady still insisted on seating beside him so he finally agreed and the hop in and proceeded to the location of where they were suppose to meet for enjoyment,clubbing,popping of bottles and all….They finally arrived…

Immediately they got there, The other guy outside spotted his GF sitting beside his Friend in the car,He immediately ran outside,opened the car door,dragged his GF out and went to his Friend,dragged him out also and gave him a HOT SLAP…

Without even asking why he slapped him,the guy returned his own slap too and they starting fighting,exchanging blows and people ran to them to separate them, We initially thought it was just an ordinary Jealousy that caused the fight BUT No! It was bcz they are both into JUJU!

Both of the guys were into yahoo Plus, they usually set a CAR aside for “catching preys”..The babalawo would av fortified the seat beside the driver seat with juju powers,any Lady that seats on it lives 4 3months! She will grow lean,weak and thin like pesin wey gt AIDS…nd DIE!

The guy’s other car was faulty and thats why he drove the “Juju car” out this time but asked his GF to sit at the back seat and not beside him,the other guy was shouting saying “As i trust you reach,u wan betray me,u knw how dis babe dey dear 2 me and u wan destroy my LIFE””

He also said ” i swear to God,if baba say “No solution”, i go destroy your Family,your babe also follow immediately” The other guy said “ask ham nah,i warn am say make she sit at d back but she no gree,No be my Fault,ask am,i no betray you bro”…

The Guy immediately held his GF hand,drag am enter his own car and drove Off! Leaving the guy that gave her a Lift in the scene of that incident..The Guy’s GF started crying,she picked up her broken sun shades,cleaned up her BF’s stained clothes and asked him to enter the car…

They entered the Car and drove off!That was when it dawned on people that its not infidelity on the part of that Lady that made his BF reacted that way but the Fear of losing his GF to Yahoo Plus Juju…we are yet to knw if that Lady is still alive or not,May God keep Us safe oh



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