Who is Osita Iheme married to?

We all heard the rumors about the relationships of a famous comedian actor from Nigeria. In this post we are going to figure out the answer to the question – is Osita Iheme married? Read on to know details of the story.

Who is Osita Iheme married to?

What do we know about Osita Iheme wedding?

Osita Iheme is also famous as Pawpaw after his role in “Aki na Ukwa” movie. He is also known as the director of Inspired Movement Africa, the organization that works to stimulate, help and inspire young Nigerians. Actor’s merits of Osita are great, but this time we are going to talk about his personal life.

Actually, all the news about Osita Iheme wedding is just rumors. The 33 years old actor is not going to get married now, according to his words, he is not ready to get into marriage. It is important for him to find the best moment for this significant step. According to his interviews, Osita Iheme doesn’t want to be married just because it is the right age to do this or because of the opinion of society or because other people are getting married.

Who is Osita Iheme married to?

Six months ago the media was full of rumors about Osita Iheme wife and wedding ceremony. Nana Ama McBrown claimed to be Osita Iheme’s wife, but, the Ghanaian actress and Osita Iheme did not confirm their relationship.

There was no public confirmation of the wedding ceremony. The actor is single at this time, and there is no bride. Majority of Osita’s colleagues are married, including one of his friends Chinedu Ikedieze, so fans are expecting Osita to be next. But it seems like at this time, Osita Iheme is completely focusing on his work.

Who is Osita Iheme married to?

Osita Iheme’s family is a popular topic to talk in the media and among fans. Some fans worry about the loneliness the comedian may be feeling, others support his decision. Anyway, according to the words of the actor, he just wants to choose the right partner and at the right time, so we just need to wait and be ready to congratulate him when his big day finally comes.


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