Genevieve Nnaji house in Ikoyi, Lagos, Abuja & Lekki

As you probably know, acting is a lucrative career. Today, we’ll show you Genevieve Nnaji house or rather multiple houses, as the actress has quite a few of them. Check out the pictures of her mansions and try not to drop your jaw in amazement.

Genevieve Nnaji house in Ikoyi, Lagos, Abuja & Lekki

One of the grandest purchases of Genevieve Nnaji in recent years was the acquisition of a fantastic mansion in Park View Estate, Ikoyi. According to yours truly, the house cost the actress the whopping ₦220 million. She bought it back in 2013 and has been living there ever since.

Pictures of Genevieve Nnaji house in Ikoyi, Lagos

Genevieve Nnaji house in Ikoyi, Lagos

For the longest time, nobody has even suspected that Nnaji bought a house. Apparently, she wanted to avoid unnecessary media exposure before she dealt with renovations and furnishing. She is still not very fond of sharing any photos of her home (for privacy reasons), so this is pretty much all we could find.

Photos of Genevieve Nnaji house in Lekki

Genevieve Nnaji house in Lekki

Now, when we talk about Genevieve’s house in Lekki, we mean the house that she bought for her parents. A few years ago, she made her folks very happy by getting them a new home. The family had previously lived in Egbeda for a long time, but the actress was able to relocate them to Lekki, the high-brow area of Lagos.

Akinwalere states that the Nnajis have lived in Egbeda for a very long time, but Mr. Nnaji has been dealing with a lot of health issues lately. This made it harder for Genevieve to visit him and provide him with proper medical care, which is why she went for such a big move.

Genevieve Nnaji house in Abuja

Genevieve Nnaji house in Abuja
Photo: Sticks & Stones Homes on Facebook

As you might already know (or you could have guessed by now), Genevieve Nnaji does not like sharing details about her personal life, especially when it comes to her home. Which is why we were surprised to see her posting on Snapchat the newest addition to her real estate collection.


As stated by Pulse, the actress seems to have ventured into real estate, as the new house in Abuja looks like it is big enough for several families to live in. It is a four-bedroom terrace duplex that has treated water supply and centralised power generator. It also has servant’s quarters, so you know it is fancy. It is said that this house is built by Sticks & Stones Property in Apo-Dutse, and it cost Genevieve almost ₦30 million.

Another wonderful Genevieve Nnaji mansion in Ghana

Genevieve Nnaji house in Accra

You might think that we are done, but we want to tell you about one more building. Apart from having a large mansion in Lagos, as well as other real estate in Nigeria, Genevieve also chose to get herself a four-million-dollar house in Accra, Ghana. According to Pulse, this palace is guarded by a security company, which is not at all surprising, given the status of its residents.

The actress who once lived in Ghana chose the Achimota area in Ghana to live, as she prefers it to East Legon area. Even though $4 million is quite a big sum, Nnaji can definitely handle it, taking into account her various roles, as well as multiple endorsements deals.

Now it seems like we have covered all of the known real estate owned by Genevieve Nnaji. She seems to be investing her money smartly. Who knows, maybe one day, she will become a real estate mogul :


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