About To Have a Photo Shoot? Read This

A photo shoot used to be for only models in the fashion or glamour industry. Things have changed. Anyone can walk into the studio and get shot. And interestingly while people do it for a big occasion, some just do it for the fun of it. We all know this is seriously influenced by social media.

Well, anytime you need to pose for a photographer at a studio or an outdoor location make sure these are taken into consideration.

Light Is Life

If you can’t find good lighting then either find another spot or skip taking a photo. I know that sounds harsh but seriously, if you’re trying to look sharp, you don’t want to post photos that are dark. Flash aren’t exactly the same thing.

Choose the Time of the Day That Works

Bright direct sunlight is not your friend for photo shoots. Shoot during the later afternoon when the sun is starting to set if it is an outdoor photo

Walk Slowly

If you plan to take walking across the street images, don’t walk fast. Actually don’t walk at all. Step forward slowly a few times and do it over again. Have your photo taker use continuous or burst to capture movement.

Master Your Angles

A slight 3/4 turn of you body is usually most flattering in full body images. Meaning somewhere between front to full side profile turn while standing in front of the camera phone. Practice in front of a mirror, to see what angles are your most flattering, then use those when taking photos.

Face Pose

Poses that work well – looking straight into the lens with a smile (teeth or no teeth), looking over the photo takers left or right shoulder for a candid type shot, and looking down at your feet but don’t tilt your head down completely, just a slight head tilt with eyes closed.


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