This is what cucumber will do to your eyes

Article Image

A cucumber sliced ready for use. [Photo/Nature seeds]

Cucumber is one of the vegetables that belong to the same plant family with the pumpkins, watermelon and squash. It contains copper, potassium, manganese, vitamins K and C. Cucumber however has got beneficial effects to the eyes which include the following;

Removes eye wrinkles

Cucumber is the best natural moisturizer ever. Some people tend to have wrinkles around their eyes and have tried all means to do away with them but in vain. All you need is just two slices of cucumber. Sleep on your back and place the cucumber around your eyes and leave it to stay for as long as you can.

Removes under eye bags

Under the eye bags is the swelling of the skin under your eyes. Blend a cold cucumber and mix it with lavender oil and honey. Apply the paste gently and leave it for twenty minutes before wiping it with a wet cloth.

Good for watery eyes

When eyes are so watery, it means there is excess water that needs to be drawn from them. Place the slices of cucumber around the eyes and it will withdraw all the water.

Dark eyes

When the skin around your eyes is dark in color all you need to do to lighten them is to place slices of cucumber around them and they will lighten up.


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