Women, Stop Letting Age Rush You Into Bad Marriages

Isn’t it funny how people are always chasing time instead of true happiness? I’m talking about how much pressure people put on themselves. “By this age I want to achieve this and that…” is what most people say, such a cliché.

Some people get discouraged when they see their friend – with whom they studied – having flourishing careers, successful businesses and living their dreams yet barely getting by themselves. They start to get envious and desire what their mates have. They forget that we are all destined for different paths; that we are all cut from different cloth and moulded out of different clay.

This has also been evident in the kind of relationships people choose to stay in just because they want to start families. Most people have already set the age by which they want to have better halves and what number of kids. This leads to many separation and divorce cases.

Many women have this mentality that, by 30 years of age, they should have settled down otherwise they will deem it too late; which is one of the reasons why you find women getting married to the same guys who have been beating and treating them wrong. They know the men are no good but choose to ignore all signs.

Case in point; The other week we there was a case where a drunken man wanted to kill his entire family but the wife escaped with two of their children. The one left behind, a four year old girl, had three of her fingers chopped off and head cut with a panga. Neighbors who spoke to the press claimed that the man has always been abusive even during their marriage.

Another thing that is becoming clearer by the day is that women past the age of 30 are now involved with guys younger than them; and I mean younger by even ten years. These men, more often than not, are in the relationship because of financial gains.

All I’m saying is this, let us exercise a little more patience and work by our own time. Some make it early while others late and that is totally fine. What is of utmost importance is that we don’t give up.

Meet someone, get to know them first and see if that person is “the one,” do not ever be in a rush. The most important thing is that you are happy and able to look back ten years later and be glad you got married to the person who brings out the best version of you.


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