Married Woman Gang-Raped In Presence Of Husband, Police Releases Suspects (PHOTOdS)

The Governor of Cross River State has directed the Attorney General of Cross River State Bar Abang to immediately prosecute the man who raped a young married woman in Okuni ikom in company of 4 of his friends.

The gang rape happened at their cocoa farm in Okuni, where the victim’s husband and brother were tied up at gunpoint. The wife was raped by 5 of the victims, in presence of her husband, till she passed out.

The State government responded after the women Okuni Ikom in their thousands marched to protest the incident.

etta Edu in her address said ; “You cannot allow the woman go without justice. The woman was gang rape in front of her husband, she and her husband bullied off their farm by the rapist,which is their only source of livelihood. The Governor of Cross River State has called for immediate arrest of offenders and justice for the victim. Cross River State Government will provide every necessary support to the woman and take care of her medical care says empathic Dr Edu who was in tears while addressing the press in Ikom.”

“Sadly, the major culprit, who was arrested along the process of justice was later released on bail without any sanction from the police in Ikom. She however noted later that due to the timely intervention of the Governor, the culprits have been rearrested and will be charged to court almost immediately


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